A capital project requires a great deal of attention and experience to be taken successfully from its inception to full commercial operation. There are many pitfalls in developing and constructing your project, and any misstep can be costly, cause delays or even derail your project. That’s where SPi, Owner’s Representative services shine. From your perspective as an Owner, hiring an Owner’s Representative to help manage your capital project will eliminate many of the uncertainties in project execution, increasing the predictability of the outcome of the project, and most importantly, minimizing risk.

Our Owner’s Representative services are particularly well suited to owners and developers in Infrastructure, Construction, and in the Junior Mining Industries. Over the last decade, lenders and investors have become very much risk-averse. We know and understand the questions that investors and lenders ask themselves when they are considering a new project. Our services will reduce your project risk, so please contact us, we will show where we can help to deliver your project to you.

Our Owner’s representatives, manage projects from concept, through to completion. We understand what questions to ask on a project, what information is needed to monitor the project – that’s how we keep our projects moving ahead, on schedule and under budget.

So that you may better understand an Owner’s Representative and Project Manager role, leading your project, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided some of the answers:

What is an Owner’s Representative?

An Owner’s Representative is an extremely experienced past Project Manager/Project Director/Program Manager, who knows the tricks and traps on a project that costs owner’s time and money. The Owner’s Representative is responsible for ensuring that the Owner’s interests are put first and foremost in the execution and delivery of the project. Remember, the Project Manager is usually an employee of the contractor, and will naturally put the interests of the contractor, ahead of the owner.

When should I hire an Owner’s Representative?

The earlier, the better. An Owner’s Representative, hired in the early stages of a project’s conception, can more efficiently save you time and money down the road. Your Owner’s Representative can also provide conflict-free advice to assist you in making sound decisions. No other vendor on the project team is designated to protect your interests, to make sure the decisions on how to proceed with your project are de-risked and are in line with your goals.

How involved will the Owner’s Representative be?

That depends on your internal resources and expertise available in-house. It also depends on the complexity of the project, the total amount of time your in-house team members have available to dedicate to the project. For some projects, we have taken a leading role and carried the project from concept to commercial completion with the minimum of owner input. For other projects, we acted as a prominent member of the owner’s team, working with and reporting to the owner of every decision throughout the project. Each owner and each project has differing needs, and we pride ourselves on identifying and fulfilling those requirements.

Why would I need an Owner’s Representative for a turnkey project when my contractor is handling the schedule and procurement of vendors?

Engaging an Owner’s Representative for a turnkey project ensures the contractor’s adherence to the project’s original budget, specifications and schedule. There is an economic conflict of interests in a turnkey deal as the contractor is trying to deliver the project as cost-effectively as possible to maintain their margins. Shoddy workmanship or not providing what is specified can be at the owner’s expense. An Owner’s Representative ensures that your contractor is delivering, what was agreed during the contract negotiations and agreed to the contract.  Your Owner’s Representative will ensure that the work is professionally executed as per the contract documents and specifications. Your Owner’s Representative increases levels of accountability, by verifying, monitoring thus ensuring corners are not cut at the client’s expense. The is especially important on a reimbursable basis contract, where the owner could be charged, not only for a contractor’s error but also charged for the corrective actions.

By hiring an Owner’s Representative, am I simply incurring another cost on the project?

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