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“Owner’s Representative Services”

  • Do you need ‘Eyes and Ears’ on your project, to ensure that the contractors are complying with the agreed terms and conditions?
  • Short or long-term agreements, from one report, to a dedicated team – your call
  • Do you need regular reporting on a project that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
  • Maybe you just need a one-off report on a project or development that you might invest in, or have concern, or just due-diligence – we will be there for you!
  • We operate world-wide, recently reporting from Kazakhstan, Turkey and Eritrea.
  • Contact us; contact  (@)   stapletonprice.com (not a link).

A selection of our projects are listed here http://www.stapletonprice.com/projects/

An Owner’s Representative (as Agent of the Owner), is typically a third-party hired by the Owners’ Team, to represent their interests, be their eyes and ears, during the life cycle, of a project or development.

Since 1983, Stapletonprice Inc., has been providing Owner’s Representative Services around the world, for clients in Canada, Africa, South America and the US, saving our clients time, saving our clients money, by dedicated project monitoring providing;

  • ongoing detailed recording of site events/activities
  • real-time schedule monitoring against progress
  • regular reporting back to the owner, ensuring no surprises

So, what is the difference between an Owner’s Representative and a Project Manager?

A Project Manager, is usually employed by the Contractor, for his benefit, and directs the execution of the project. The Project Manager passes the risk of his actions on the owner/client.

An Owner’s Representative, continuously monitors the execution of the project and the Project Manager, and ensures activities executed are in accordance with the project contract. The Owner’s Rep., monitors all working practices. The Owner’s Representative will normally have authority to commit the owner on issues that affect the smooth running of the project that do not impact budget and/or schedule. The Owner’s Rep will present to the Owner such issues for approval, with a recommendation on the best course of action.

An Owner’s Representative ensures the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision regarding project execution. Owners and developers, who often have limited expertise of project execution, hire an Owner’s Representative to defend their interests, and liaise between the project contractors and the owners team.

As Your Representative, We commit to facilitating your vision, representing your best interest’s, acting as a bridge, a link between the owner’s team and the teams of constructors, seamlessly executing your project, on time, on budget.

Your Representative will provide you with regular reports and recommendations to project issues, minimising change requests. Recommendations based on years of experience, helping you take the most appropriate decisions for your project. As the owner’s eyes and ears on site, we ensure that project execution proceeds as scheduled.

Under the leadership of David Price, Stapletonprice Inc. is committed to providing practical guidance for all involved in the decision-making process in executing your project; Change Order review,  Monthly Progress Payments – we are there, checking and back checking, putting you first. We provide the Owner’s Team with detailed reporting, to keep them abreast of events and expedite the decision-making process. This process delivers the project to full commercial operation, at the lowest EoJ cost – on time, every time.

Additional information about our Owner’s Representative services: http://www.stapletonprice.com/our-services/

Bridge Construction – Stock by SPi 2001
David J Price & Dalton McGuinty
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, David Price (SPi) & Steve Peters, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario at the Erie Shores Wind Park, Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada. A Stephen Probyn Group Project

Desulfurization Reactor for Suncor, Sarnia. Manufactured by Novo Pignone (GE) SpA, Via Felice Matteucci, Florence, 50127, Italy. Novo Pignone Project Manager with David Price (SPi) status reporting for Owner’s Team.